The Process

Youth Workshop

In July 2015, a group of 6 Rigolet Inuit youth were involved in a three day workshop held over a span of 6 days. At the workshop, they learned about the whiteboard video and provided ideas for the script, the images and the main character. Below are some images of the youth workshop. Photo credits: Inez Shiwak

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Community Open House

In July 2015, there was a community open house where community members could learn more about the project, see what the youth had been working on, and give their own feedback and input through a survey. Photo credits: Inez Shiwak

Ongoing Community Collaboration

Using the input from the youth and the community, a script and storyboard was developed. The artists used the ideas to draw the images and scenes for the video. As they developed the images, the youth and community were shown the images to make sure everything was drawn appropriately. The video was completed in August 2016. Below is an example of some germ characters the artists developed. Virus 2